Alex Gupton began his career in artwork twenty years ago while studying business and art in University. A profitable pasttime painting murals soon became his full time profession. Although his background was Graphic Design, and his fine art centers in the tiny detail of pen and ink creations, he soon began to paint large-scale murals. With an amazing flare for Trompe L'oeil (to trick the eye), he soon was traveling the United States painting walls and ceilings for both private and corporate clients.

Most people dream of ‘one day’ being able to pursue their dreams.  I live my dream every day.  Residing in Paradise with my amazing wife and three great kids, surrounded by dear friends and wonderful family, I am unbelievably lucky, blessed and honored to live this life."

Alex's love for the art of drawing and the valuable lessons provided by years of dedication to his craft have resulted in truly unique pen and ink creations. One must look very closely at the detail in his artwork to fully appreciate and understand it. Lying within and forming the image as a whole is actually a collection of smaller drawings. Scenes ranging from tropical beaches and lush landscapes to wildly stylized creatures all work together to form an image, which may take as long as three months to complete. The beauty and detail of his work will draw you in and keep you absorbed and intrigued with its intricacy.

When a favorite client asked him to create an art peice for the bottom of her pool, the journey into mosaic tile began. That first request turned into the stunning 'Bird of Paradise' signature piece, and set the stage for the many projects that followed. During that first mosaic commission, Alex had found a new love--'painting with glass tile'--and soon was creating custom mosaic art pieces for pools, entryways, backsplashes, or any space that would lend itself to a tile installation. His specialty became water illusions in pools featuring various sea life, including turtles, sharks, and tropical fish, using shadow and light to create a realism not usually found with this media. Our clients imagination is the only limit to our mosaic creations. We have been in the business of catering to our client's artwork needs for years, and relish the new challenges in design for Mosaic Art. We take great pride in bringing our projects in on time and on budget.

The bronze have been in Alex's head for years, and just this past year has he made the time to bring it into reality. The same detail in the pen & ink is now in three dimensions and cast beautifully into bronze with the help of some of the most talented foundry workers in the World.

Please don't hesitate to contact us using our Contact Page, phone us at 808-327-0000, visit one of our parter Galleries or call to make an appointment to visit our Studio on the beautiful Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

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