About Alex Gupton - The Art of Detail

Artist Alex Gupton’s energy, joy for life, and infectious spirit are infused into his art. Alex has spent most of his life living on the Kona coast of the Big Island, and the exposure to Hawaii’s stunning tropical landscapes, bountiful undersea life, and rich traditions sparked the passion for the islands that is readily apparent in his work. Whether drawing his fine pen & ink creations, forming the clay to be cast into his bronze sculpture or piecing together the intricate mosaic tile installations, Alex is constantly pushing the envelope of his talent and has been exploring new forms of expression as a professional artist for nearly 30 years. Inspired by his mother, artist Penny Gupton, a lifetime of sketching, drawing and designing have yielded a diverse portfolio of artwork ranging from tiny drawings to large scale murals. During this time, Alex has worked with his clients on a vast number of private and corporate commissions. Many of Alex’s pieces can be seen in fine art galleries throughout the Hawaiian Islands and beyond. Alex makes his home overlooking the Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii, with his beautiful wife Jacqueline, their three wonderful children and a couple of cats.

“Most people dream of ‘one day’ being able to pursue their dreams. I live my dream every day. Being allowed to create artwork while residing in Paradise with my amazing wife and three great kids, surrounded by friends and family. I am unbelievably lucky and honored to live this life.”